Pinion Ink

Branding makeover for friendly and highly professional lawyers

Strong feminity and the balance of Godess of Justice were the core inspiration for this project.

About project

Client: Arsene Diaconescu SCA
What we did:
Logo reshape, corporate stationery design, Social Media assets

Arsene Diaconescu SCA

They say: do not mix friends and business! It is not going to work well. We have a way of not exactly doing what some say. So, what started as a friendship a long time ago suddenly become more than that: a trusted business relationship. Our clients needed someone to give a spark of boldness doubled by feminity strength and empowerment to their brand look and feel. So this is what we did.


As we practice what we preach, we first had a chat to understand their needs and expectations. We understood that the brand should express: strength yet openness, trust, and easiness in working with the Arsene Diaconescu SCA team. Both owners are strong female leaders, but friendly, fun, and highly-skilled, so we knew that we have to create a bold and feminine visual identity. Adding to this that Justice is represented in mythology by a Goddess, not by a God, this visual approach was the one to follow.

Creative Flow

We always start with the fundamentals. This time we have created a short identity manual – choosing the essentials for our clients: the fonts and colors. As they already had a logo, our mission was to redesign the logo to match the new identity approach. Our overall work was to define and give unity to the brand’s visual identity.


We brought to life our visual approach through a mix of straight lines and curves to express BOLDNESS & FEMINITY at the same time. We kept the initial brand’s color as purple has a great symbolistic attached to it.

We delivered for Arsene Diaconescu: redesigned logo, corporate stationery (business cards, document templates), and Social Media assets (covers, profile pic).

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