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Corporate brand assets
About project

Client: Evolve Engineering
What we did:
Corporate brand assets: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Copywriting


Now friends, but first clients, cool, but high demanding engineers from Evolve Engineering needed some great visuals and copy to make them shine in a field of similar and, sometimes, extremely technical and hard to understand corporate brand assets. Their brief was clear and precise from scratch: in need for a fresh visual identity and tone of voice for their corporate brand.


First things first, we met each other to understand the needs and expectations.
Inspired by the findings and the after research we’ve made, we discovered the inspiration right in the core of their expertise: HVAC, electric, and sanitary fittings. So this was the simple and clear visual direction we decided to follow: pipes as a source of design insight. As for the tone of voice, we knew it should be friendly, positive, yet professional and kind of showing off the expertise and high standards Evolve Engineering has.

Creative Flow

We started with the redesign of the logo, this being the logical first step for the new visual identity.

Next on our creative to do: the business cards. And at the end, the most complex project: the corporate brochure for which we made the content and visual layout.

evolve 2 imag

Pipes’ curves were a source of inspiration for everything we have decided to do next.

We modified the fonts we used to design the logotype to make them curvier. Also, inspired by the pipes, we designed some special shapes and lines to be used as a design motive.

We delivered for Evolve Engineering: redesigned logo, new business cards design, and a brochure for print and webmail.

Also, as a bonus for the customer, we’ve made them a minimum brand guideline including colors and fonts to be used in the future.

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