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Simple, but catchy and cool naming for a new accounting firm

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About project

Client: Head Innovation Agency
What we did:
Naming for a new accounting company and a slogan

Head Innovationa - Naming

Short but complex. A graphic design agency needed for their client for whom they were doing the website a NAME. The client, a newly founded accounting company, had some specific demands: the name should be easy to remember, to sound great in both Romanian and English, and last but not least: to be free for use and registration, to mean experience, trust and at know-how in both accounting and tax (finance services).

We never met the client, only their representative Head Innovation, so we had to do our best with the findings.


For this project, we based our strategic approach on our experience in working with a couple of accounting companies in the past. We knew the industry very well. So the first step in finding who their competitors were, checked by default!

Creative Flow

We always start with the fundamentals: research, research, and of course some more research. Is it free to use, what does it mean, has good resonance, is it easy to remember?


We delivered 3 naming proposal as follows:

The Fiscalist (the International, cool, modern name)

It is easy to remember and has identical translations in Romanian and English.
It conveys confidence, modernity, expertise, it has international resonance.
The domain is free on both .ro and .com

Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 19.18.15

ContExel (the „traditional” name in the industry, saying exactly who you are and what you do)

Created from the Romanian word for Accounting (Contabilitate) and Exel – as a reference to excellence, quality, but also to the Excel spreadsheet – one of the core instruments in accounting.

It is easy to remember and has identical translations in Romanian and English.

It conveys expertise, professionalism, it’s easy to remember and rather a traditional name for the industry, but playful for this field of activity.

The domain is free on both .ro and .com



It is easy to remember and funny, referring to the ending of the owner’s last name: VasilESCU.

It transmits openness and transparency, it refers to the Romanian origins of the shareholders.

Cool branding potential against the perception about accountants that they are “boring”, “closed”, “stiff”.

The domain is free on both .ro and .com

The client chose ContExel as you can see here, on their website.

After they chose the name, we also offered them 3 slogan proposals:

  1. ContExel – excelling is what we do
  2. ContExel – incoming value for success
  3. ContExel – counting success

The winning proposal was “ContExel: counting success”.

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